Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Prepare for a Meeting

1. Decide what type of meeting you are going to have, and set goals.

  • Informational - To notify a group of people something at the same time.
  • Creative - To solicit ideas from people.
  • Decision - To get a group of people to agree upon something during a group discussion.
  • Motivational - To encourage or scare people into doing something. 
  • Required - The partnership agreement or business charter of some organization types requires the holding of regular meetings, even if most discussions between members are ongoing and informal.  

2. Determine who you will invite to the meeting.
 If you have never met with the participants before, learn about them.

3. Determine the roles, and ask participants to accept the roles.

  • Leader
  • Facilitator
  • Recorder
  • Timer
  • Participant
4. Create an agenda
Plan breaks if the meeting length warrants it.

5. Pick a location and/or the types of attendance you will support:
  • In person
  • Conference Call
  • Video Conference
  • Online meeting/webinar
If you have never been to the location before, visit the venue ahead of time, ideally at the same time of day as the meeting date, to assess traffic patterns. Determine how you will get to the meeting (car, car service, subway, plane, bike, walk) and plan for the amount of time you will need to travel.

Find out what the official or unofficial dress code is, and plan your outfit accordingly. Include this in your notice to others if applicable. The problem of maintaining modesty and decreasing distraction while seated women wear skirts will exist as long as women wear skirts to meetings. Depending on the configuration of the room, this may or not matter. Some tables offer drop-down privacy guards on the far side of the table so that people across the way can't see up women's skirts. If you offer or send a photo of the location to participants ahead of time, not only can they mentally prepare for the meeting in general, but sensible women can use that information to dress accordingly.   

If you have never used conferencing technology, experiment with it.
6. Invite Participants
Prepare and distribute notice that includes the date, time, agenda, and location, giving people ample time to prepare.

Attach the minutes of the previous meeting to the invitation, if applicable.

7. Prepare for the Meeting
  • Get basic items in place ahead of time: Chairs, table, any needed equipment, pens, paper, pitcher of water, glasses.
  • Make any necessary catering arrangements.
  • For phone, video, and computer technology, determine who your tech support person is and how they will support you before, during, and after the meeting.
  • Determine the contact information, method, and protocol for any remote attendance. For example, will people call into a centralized conference call number, will you be expected to call a conference room at the start of the meeting, do people log into a webinar, etc.   
  • Create and distribute any materials that need to be reviewed before or at the meeting.
  • If necessary, practice a run through of the technology and/or what you plan to say at the meeting ahead of time.
  • Attempt to anticipate what might be said and plan your responses.
  • Before the meeting, check the news to see if there is anything that is relevant to the meeting happening in the world or to the meeting invitees.
  • Remind participants about the meeting 24 hours ahead of time, or the morning of.
  • Ensure that your body, clothes, and breath do not have foul odor.

8. Run the meeting
  • As people gather, document who is in attendance by writing down names and/or circulating a piece of paper so that each person can sign their attendance.  Consult a lawyer to determine if a person's presence should be documented with their own handwriting.
  • Set an example of etiquette by proactively announcing any anticipated cell phone or other type of meeting interruption. Proactively setting general meeting ground rules helps to set the tone, establish leadership, and fairly warns people of expectations so that they do not have to experience the possible humiliation of correction. Exceptional circumstances should be communicated well before meeting day.
  • Call the meeting to order.
  • Announce who is in attendance and who is absent.
  • Clarify any roles such as minute taking or time keeping so that the people are prepared to do so.
  • Run the meeting
  • Assign any action points and who will be responsible. 
  • Cover Any Other Business
  • Suggest next meeting time and place.

9. After the meeting
Depending on the situation, a hand-written thank you can make a difference.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Actions That Were the Result of Magic

I am not a magician and I do not know how to practice magic, but when I lived in Jackson, MS, I met some people who practice voodoo magic. I am a Christian, and I sure that magic mind control is real.

Magic can be used to control people, animals, weather, anything with life, and more.
Magic can influence all your senses and tactile touch, so that you see, smell, hear, tactile touch/feel, or emotionally feel inordinate amounts of emotion that are not due to ordinary brain functioning.

A magician can make you see things that are not real, or not see things that are there. Combined with other senses such such as feeling on your skin, you might think there is an ant crawling on your arm but it might not be real. Brush it off anyway, but it might not be real.

A magician can make a dog bite a person. I've had dogs bite me as the result of magic many times, but only one time was it viscious, and the skin was only broken a few times, never requiring stitches. I asked the owner to pay for a tetanus shot on two occasions.

Our family dog (adult) was forced into all sorts of strange behaviors, sometimes multiple times, including stealing dirty plates and steak knives from the dishwasher and running around the house with them, entering his crate while I was in it and pinning my neck to the top of the crate with his head, jumping front paws on the counter, opening the toaster, and pulling the tray out (there was no food in it), jumping onto the kitchen table (all fours) when there was no food on it and just standing there, stealing a clean dish towel from the counter, stealing pillows off couches, taking books off bookshelves, pulling clothes off hangers which would sometimes snap and break the hanger, chewing a hole in a fur coat in a closet, stealing clean clothes from my suitcase, breaking the Damp-Rid bag that was hanging in the closet, stealing and eating the bar soap from the shower, opening gate latches with nose, jumping over 4 foot gates, eating rocks, eating dog poop, biting me in the face, hands, stomach, dunking another dog in the pool. The list is much longer than this - I just picked out some of the more strange behaviors.

- Made me ignore a stop sign
- Made me mistake the gas for the brake
- Made me ignore a red light
- Made me feel anger and commit road rage acts
- Made me back into a stop sign
- Made me back into a low stone wall
- Magicians have been responsible for many car accidents in my family (they admitted it, or someone else told me later via magic telepathy. I would have never suspected it.)  

- Magicians have made planes, trains, and buses crash.
- Magicians have caused fires.

Magicians have untied my shoe laces, sometimes a few times in one day.
Magicians have unscrewed my water (or other beverage) bottle so that the contents would spill all over my bag. Sometimes I would find the cap in the bag, sometimes I would not.

I will update this more later. I am currently in my 5th year of homelessness and poverty due to magic mind control force, with a few magic-induced boils burning on my face at the moment, so other magic events in the world are not important to me. Obama's dog Sunny biting someone is not surprising (nor is the tot who broke security measure at the White House, the drones there as well, etc). I keep asking for help but it doesn't look like Obama can or will help me. I already wrote Donald Trump a blog letter too but if magic can control me, it can control anyone, so if someone wants me to not be helped and continue picking garage cans for sustenance, then that is what will happen.

I've been a 24/7 robot since late 2007. The US Federal Government (FBI, CIA, etc) found out in 2013 because someone with magic skills told on the Jackson magicians and demonstrated magic to them, so they were credible. I met some agents in 2013 who were pretending to be homeless but they talked around the subject. Since 2014 I have no idea who has been controlling me.

I don't know how it works but there are different methods. I think magicians employ jinns, who can control the weather to some degree, indwell a person or animal, etc. I heard it is pretty easy to do. Maybe all you say is something like 'I call on Abracadabra Jinn Number 45' and they do whatever you say. I was told that Satan is actually a jinn, not an angel, but that he was sent to hell in 2015. In recent months I've felt something 'jump into me' a few times and it is very creepy to be present/awake while someone else controls your body.

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not weird. I am not evil. I hate magic. I did not ask for this. And I have been told that it is not my karma to be abused because I am a unique punching bag, and that there is no one else like me. I would never make that claim, but unfortunately if people see me suffering they would probably say that I did something to deserve it, in this life or another, and I am told that it is not true.

The last Friday the 13th that I remember was not a good day in Paris. As far as today is concerned, I don't know if that is a trend.

1/13/2017 2:14 pm
I don't need proof. This was magic.
And the woman's story/complaint rhymes with a truth someone else is dealing with (nothing to do with cell phones or insurance).
- Genovia of the Princess Diaries
- Wright=Right, that she is right
- Someone needed to do something that she did not need to do

And here are some arrests that were due to magic:

BATISTA, JUNIOR - 843.15-3162
WALKER, MINNIE EARNESTINE Larceny (812.014-4088)
MONROE, TIFFANY L - Battery (784.07-2573) on Officer Firefighter EMT

TORRES, BRANDON NELSON - Drugs-Possess (893.13-3695)
HEFFT, PHILLIP RAYMOND - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear,
JACKSON, ROSA LEE - Homicide (782.04-2535) Murder First Degree Premeditated
SCIMONELLI, MICHAEL BENJAMIN - Aggravated Battery (784.045-4135) Offender Knewshould Have Known Victim Pregnant,
SAINTPREUX, KELLER - Fleeelude Police (316.1935-4154) Fail to Obey Leo Order to Stop, Veh Theft (812.014-2792) Grand Theft of Motor Vehicle
SANCHEZ, HECTOR DANIEL MAYORQUIN - DUI-Unlaw Blood Alch (316.193-6276)
SALINAS, JOE DAVID - Dangerous Drugs (877.111-5049) Inhale Ingest Harmful Chemicals
JEANBAPTISTE, NELLY - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear
TOLAR, NATHAN DENNIS - Heroin-Possess (893.13-3408) with Intent to Sell Manufacture or Deliver Schedule I
VEGA, ALEJANDRO RESENDIZ - DUI-Unlaw Blood Alch (316.193-6276)
DESTY, FENALSON - 322.34-506 Moving Traffic Violation - Drive While License Suspended Habitual Offender
BONANNO, LAWRENCE JAMES - DUI-Unlaw Blood Alch (316.193-6276)
CATANA, JOHNNIE - Prostitution (796.07-7362)
GROVER, KAYLEN - DUI-Unlaw Blood Alch (316.193-374)
HYPOLITE, TIMOTHY - 843.15-3162 Failure to Appear
BROWN, TIFFANY MONIQUE - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear,
BOWERSOCK, JENNIFER CECILIA - Heroin-Possess (893.13-3408)
NORIEGA, MARIO L - Larceny (812.014-2798) Petit Theft 2nd Degree 1st Offense
HEAD, SAVANNAH JO - Cocaine-Possess (893.13-5330)
PRINGLE, HAROLD L - Booked (0003) Commit
AUSTIN, MICHELLE - Fraud (414.39-7830) Engage in Public Aid Fraud 200 Dollars Less 20K
Machete-wielding husband accused of sexually assaulting wife: When Bairon Ramirez-Lopez came home Wednesday afternoon, he heard his pregnant wife talking to another man on the phone and became enraged, believing she was having an affair, a court document states.
1/14/2017 2 PM
A Brooklyn cabbie who lost control of his car, hopped a curb and plowed into a teenage girl, suffered a severe heart attack just before the crash and is in critical condition, relatives said Friday.

Mustapha Ouchaoui, 48, had no known health issues when he went into cardiac arrest Thursday morning, his sister-in-law told the Daily News.

"Mustapha" means (MUST ALPHA), that the woman who is to become Queen of a new empire, and mother of 7, has already been told all sorts of information including the first and middle names of her first three: Samson Alpha, Joel August, and Athalia Omega. Samson Alpha will actually be the soul of Jesus Christ, but no one will be officially saying this. The middle names of these first 3 children indicate something about their very significant identity in the timeline of the world: Samson (I AM SON but the I is twisted into an S because he had to become sin to overcome sin) is the son of God, Jesus, who was conceived at the beginning of time, hence the middle name Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is said that he indwelled Cain, the first murderer/fratricider, as part of God's plan to use the earth and people to let Satan have his way with us before Satan was sent to hell and rendered impotent (I am told this just happened, in 2013). And so, the soul of Samson Alpha has been reincarnated over and over again, including as Jesus, and he stopped indwelling infants a few years ago. He as spirit might be indwelling his mother to be right now. There are rumors that she is already a few months pregnant, actually several months pregnant, but she is homeless and not allowed to ask for help or work so she does not eat much and the baby is hovering around 1 lb, not growing. She is not showing and has a "monthly visitor" of sorts so there aren't really any pregnancy symptoms. As I have stated elsewhere, scientists made a clone of the physical body of Jesus and a magician inserted a blastocyst or two into this woman using magic, the same magic that got Mary pregnant with Joseph's sperm. Everyone is wondering when this woman will no longer be homeless, become Queen, elope, announce her pregnancy, and give birth. Now the 2nd born is to be named Joel August because he is going to be conceived in August. And then the third born, Athalia Omega, will be the last new soul ever created on earth. All other infants born after her will have "old souls", being reincarnated as God makes them work through and do whatever it is that He deems necessary. The original thinking was that if Joel is to be conceived in an August, then Samson needs to be born by July at the latest. It was said that there would not be a year gap between the boys. If this woman really is pregnant, one would think that God would not make her walk around for yet another year, homeless. Is it even possible to maintain a pregnancy for years, the 2 bodies malnourished but not dying? The soul of Joel August is reincarnated, as far back as being either Ephraim or Manasseh, one of Joseph's sons who received land of the 12 tribes of Israel. So there is a chance that August is NOT to be taken literally, as in the month of August but something else such as 'The August of the timeline of the world' or during Caesar Augustus' reign. According to the original belief, though, Mustapha MUST ALPHA would mean that Samson Alpha MUST be born before August. Of 2017 I presume.

Ouchaoui - This could mean a few things. Ouch is what ET said in the movie ET, and Jesus is an alien of sorts, and the mother of Samson used to go to St. Gertrude's and that was Drew Barrymore's character's name Gerty, and magic made both the mother of Samson and her brother have car accidents very close to this St. Gertrude's, both with bad consequences that extended beyond just vehicle repair (all magic). But ET also points to Eric Welsh because he was allegedly showing security people how he was controlling this future mother of Jesus via magic, saying 'this is how I communicate with ET'. They use computers and ads and all sorts of programming along with magic to communicate and control people. This mother of Jesus received a bike as a gift in late 2014 but magic destroyed it only 2 months later. During the time when this woman kept getting flat tires (due to magic), she stored it in a place where now, 2 years later, she sleeps at night.

Ouch also means that this homeless keeps walking around and talking out loud, and she says ouch when she feels magic-induced pains in her body. Sometimes it comes from her uterus area.

But 'ouch - aoui' also may be pointing to the 80s song AEIOU. Someone told this woman that this song was for her, that her first name begins with an A, that she had to marry someone whose last name begins in E, so her initials will be AE, and then IOU is God's way of saying I owe you, I used you, you are the hidden lamb. And the absence of the 'e' from this cab driver's last name means that the husband to be, whose last name begins with E, is not allowed to help her with anything, so she has to pick garbage cans for food and sleep outdoors alone and get harassed by homeless people. The absence of the E could also indicate that the person or being who is controlling this woman has no EMPATHY, because that is what the E used to stand for when the magicians used license plates to communicate things to her.

And taxi cab represents the 24/7 magic mind control that can be done to someone, to keep them from certain types of harm, controlling people around the 'victim', and bringing her to the next destination. It's a long story.

I know this is drawn out and sounds crazy but I could not care less what anyone thinks. Magic mind control and this symbolism is real. I am not saying the above analysis is correct, but I am 100% certain that if this news event was real, and did occur, then it was the result of magic mind control.


A 17-year-old Jupiter Farms boy died after being thrown from a dirt bike in a head-on collision just after midnight this morning.
Liam Maclachlan was riding a Yamaha dirt bike south in the northbound lane of Alexander Run in Jupiter Farms when he crashed into an oncoming pickup truck, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.
Maclachlan was thrown from the bike to the side of the road, where he died from his injuries, investigators said.
Investigators say that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.
The driver of the pickup truck, Peter Kargoll, 27, of Jupiter Farms, was uninjured.
The crash happened at about 12:20 this morning.

100% certain it was magic mind control.
In summer of 2012 while northbound on Alexander Run, someone made me have a car incident with someone who was tail-gating me, who then passed me, cut me off in my lane to the point where I had to do something. I did not brake which is quite odd, nor did I take my foot off the gas (we were already speeding, going very fast). Instead, magic made me veer into the grass (there is no curb), and then I moved back into my lane after he passed. It was a very nonsensical magic act that scared me but there was no damage to me or any vehicle. Chip allegedly did this to me because Cox cancelled our 2012 wedding (1st of 2 times in 2012).

In January of 2015 I got my monthly visitor 10 days early, (same as July of 2012 - see above incident, except in that case I though magic made me have it early so that I would not have it for my wedding day). Later, I was told it was actually a miscarriage. In hindsight, it did look a little different, watery/glassy at times, containing some fibers. I was told that an embryo was created from the genes of me and the son of a man named Peter (Peter passed away years ago) using a special fertility technology. I would never want to tell anyone this, because I have no evidence of this, but I was told that this baby, whom someone named Liam, short for William, which means Protector, was put me in via magic, on purpose, so that it could be killed. I was told that because the magicians I know from Jackson, MS, taught magic to the US government and 'black ops', that they were able to reign in the magic mind control of the invisible world as well, control the visible and invisible, including Satan, who is a jinn (not an angel). Satan was deceived into thinking that I was pregnant with the clone of Jesus, and he used magic mind control on Mike Informant man to use magic on me to miscarry. But it was a trick. Yes I lost a baby I never knew I had, painlessly, but this was a trick I suppose God wanted to do to Satan before he was sent to hell, allegedly a few months later, on April 30/May 1 of 2015.  

As far as Maclachlan is concerned, there is a Sarah who is a singer who has some songs. I could say more but don't have to. I doubt the parents of this teen would be able to make sense of this death if they found out about this. Mack was the name of one of our Alexander Run dogs, who as a robot crashed into my mother's leg requiring surgery in March of 2011. The other dog Spike had a serious incident on 2/13/11. We are wondering if the magicians will repeat themselves in a rhyming fashion because that is how this all works. 

I think my former basketball coach had a head-on collision in the same place where I had a collision, near my high school. Basketball bouncing=keeping the beat, but what a horrible beat.  

Someone else, a pedestrian, was hit by a car the same night, around the same time, on the same road, I believe, but it was near 130th court north or something like that. I read about that one yesterday (Sat), but this news item I did not see until Sunday. 

MCVICKER, NOAH - DUI-Unlaw Blood Alch (316.193-6276)
ASH, ALAN MICHAEL - Disorderly Intox (856.011-3245)
DESROSIERS, CHADRESS DENISE - Disorderly Intox (856.011-3245)
LOPEZ, HERMITANIO - 322.03-467 Moving Traffic Violation
GREEN, SUSAN RENEE - Battery (784.03-2560)
WILSON, ELIJAH B - Battery (784.03-2561)
TURNER, ANDRE DUANE - Aggravated Assault (784.021-2558)
PEREZCRUZ, TOMAS - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear
LOUINISTE, ISAAC ROLDY - Battery (784.03-2560)
DELACRUZ, AMBIORX - Battery (784.03-2560)
COX, TIMOTHY WAYNE - Battery (784.03-2560)
PORTER, TED D - Larceny (812.014-4088)
MALDONADO, CARLOS MANUEL - Sex Asslt (794.011-2700)
MEEKSMCROY, DENEQUA TRANAE - Battery (784.03-2560)          


Firefighters arrived at the scene near 1700 McNab Road, located near Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Early reports said the fire may have involved a crashed plane, but those were later confirmed to be false.
Nelson, Richard

Gender: Male
Booked: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
  • Warrant Vopretrial Felony
Mcqueen, Daniel

Gender: Male
Booked: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
  • Burglary Unoccupied Conveyance Unarmed
  • Warrant Vopretrial Felony
Dajani, Bahia

Gender: Male
Booked: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
  • Capias - Misd
Smith, Jeremy

Gender: Male
Booked: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
  • Agg Assaultw/ Deadly Weapon Without Int
  • Aggravated Fleeing W Injury Or Damage
  • Drive While License Susp- Second Offens
  • Poss Cannabis 20 Grams Less/ Synth Cann
  • Possess Burglary Tools With Intent To U
  • Reckless Driving 1st Off
  • Resist Officer-obstruct Without Violenc
Raney, William

Gender: Male
Booked: Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
  • Drive While License Suspended - First O
  • Petit Theft-2nd Degree - 1st Offense
Yermack, Martin

Gender: Male
Booked: Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
  • Court Order
Campbell, Dustin

Gender: Male
Booked: Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
  • Dui Alcohol Or Drugs 1st Offense
  • Dui Ubal>.15 Or Accom By Pers
  • Dui W/dam To Prop Or Person Of Another

Police were called to a home Tuesday afternoon where a man was found deceased inside of the residence-- suffering from a gunshot wound.
Police say the victim is identified as 22-year-old Elliot Byrd.
Homicide detectives are still at the scene investigating.

A police detective was shot and killed outside a suburban Dallas home by a gunman who then held officers at bay for hours before being found dead inside.
Little Elm police Chief Rodney Harrison says Detective Jerry Walker died at a hospital Tuesday night.

A Lakeland woman has been charged in the drowning death of her infant grandson.
Local news outlets report that records show 44-year-old Robin Lee Florand was charged Tuesday with manslaughter aggravated (negligence) in the November 2016 death of 4-month-old Anakin David James Ennis.

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – For the second time in as many weeks, someone called in a bomb threat to a South Florida Jewish community center.
Miami Beach police say the Miami Beach JCC at 4221 Pine Tree Drive was evacuated as a precaution. The threat was called in to the JCC which then alerted the police around 10 a.m.

Police sent officers and K9s to check out the center. The all clear was given just before 11 a.m.
Last Monday, January 9th, another threat was called in to the center around 10:45 a.m. Miami Beach Police did a courtesy sweep and made sure sure everything was okay.
On the same day, a bomb threat was also called in to the Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center at 11155 SW 112th Avenue. About 300 kids were evacuated.

Police say bomb scare at in maybe related to other similar threats to Jewish centers in FL 

The Orlando Police Department tweeted that 41-year-old Markeith Loyd was in custody, ending a manhunt that began with the Jan. 9 incident.
____ Lloyd Marchetti


A Boca Raton man is facing charges of voyeurism and stalking after he allegedly admitted to peeping inside the bedrooms of girls and women for eight months, according to a police report.
Anibal Guevara Ramos, 25, told city police he had been walking to the Windwood neighborhood a couple of times a week for eight months to look into windows at females.

A United Airlines plane hit a fuel truck as it was pushing back from its gate at LaGuardia Airport early Thursday, the second time in three days a flight has been involved in a minor accident trying to depart the Queens hub, officials say.
The Port Authority said flight No. 1561, bound for Denver with 129 passengers aboard, bumped the truck shortly before 7 a.m. No one was hurt. 

United said only the tip of a wing bumped the truck. The plane returned to the gate and the passengers were put on another flight that left about 90 minutes after it's originally scheduled departure time. 
It was the second such accident in days at LaGuardia.
On Tuesday, an American Airlines plane hit another American aircraft while pushing back from its gate at Terminal B. No one was hurt in that case either.

An avalanche buried a mountain hotel in an earthquake-hit region of central Italy, leaving at least 30 people missing, authorities said Thursday.
The civil protection agency said that they were working to get rescue vehicles to the Hotel Rigopiano through roads covered in snow, joining initial rescue efforts overnight by alpine rescue teams. The ANSA news agency quoted a rescuer as saying that there were fatalities, but details weren't immediately available.

Jewish community centers around the country were again targeted with bomb threats Wednesday morning, a week after a spate of similar threats against many centers. 
Centers in at least 17 states were targeted Wednesday with bomb threats. Centers in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Delaware, Connecticut, Alabama, California, Maine, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Texas and Kansas all received threats.

Threats were made to at least seven JCCs in Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Tennessee and North Carolina last week. 

It's not just about someone being cheap about something (Jewish stereotype) and making someone eat out of garbage cans for food for years.

I had to add the Hebrew/Jewish months to THE schedule, whatever that might indicate.

What else does JCC stand for?

All 700 computers in the St. Louis City Public Library system went down this week in an apparent ransomware attack, officials announced Thursday.  

KEUCHER, CHRISTIAN ELI - Battery (784.03-2560) 
PANEK, LANA GRACE - Larceny (812.014-4088)
MICKLEWHITE, SILVANUS D - 948.06-3848 Probation Violation
BENOIT, EDER - Battery (784.041-6895) Commit Domestic Battery by Strangulation
YOUNG, JOHN LEONARD - Burglary (810.02-2766)
PENTA, GABRIEL RAIN - 843.15-3162 Failure to Appear
LITTLE, AARON BERNARD - 948.06-3848 Probation Violation
SPEAKS, ISAIAH JONATHAN - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear
SAVANT, SHANNON KERRY - Disorderly Conduct (877.03-3350)
DENBERG, KIMBERLY JOY - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear
RATTRAY, ROY - Aggravated Battery (784.045-2564)
KING, MIKERIA P - Larceny (812.014-4088) Grand Theft 300 Less than 5K Dollars, Larceny (817.60-7221) Poss Receive Retain Stolen Credit Debit Card
HENSON, DAVID - Return (0001) Return Per Court Order
JACKSON, JONATHAN D - Burglary (810.02-6267)     

A woman in the Florida Keys who “couldn’t hold it any longer” faces felony charges after attacking city employees when she couldn’t use a private restroom, according to Key West Police. 

The incident happened when Katerina Devlin, 37, tried to go into a private marina bathroom on Tuesday morning and employees told her to use the public stalls, the Miami Herald reports. 
Devlin became furious and started to scream at the workers before she pulled her leggings down and urinated in the parking lot, police said. 

An employee told police that Devlin then got into her car and tried to drive her vehicle “directly at him,” according to the Miami Herald. She then allegedly said to the employee “she was lucky she did not kill him” and took his cell phone and threw it on the ground. 
Devlin fled the scene but police were able to track down her car through security camera footage. Officers arrested Devlin the next day on a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor charges of battery, criminal mischief, and relieving herself in public.
She remains in jail on a $29,000 bond.
(Katerina Witt is an ice skater, and skating means getting away with something, which points to the public urination of many people) 

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A 17-year-old accused of shooting and killing a Missouri State University football player during a fight involving their sisters in Las Vegas has been charged as an adult with murder.
Richard Allan Newsome Jr. stood in shackles and wasn't asked during a brief court hearing Friday to enter a plea in the killing last weekend of 18-year-old Richard J. Nelson.

A homeless gigolo chopped off a 68-year-old Bronx man’s penis and left him to bleed out and die Saturday night, police sources said.
A neighbor found the victim lying on his side in a bathtub on Sheridan Ave. in Claremont about 8:30 p.m., according to cops.
Cops nabbed Jerry Pagan, 32, believed to be a prostitute who has had sex with the victim in the past, near the scene.

Jerry Lee Wiggins has completed his life sentence in the Florida prison system.
The man who raped and murdered a 26-year-old nanny from Peru died just before Christmas, prison records show.
Wiggins, 40, was serving three life sentences for a slew of crimes that included the 2004 rape and murder outside Boca Raton of 26-year-old Monica Rivera-Valdizan.
(both the original rape and the recent death were magic)

SIMILORME, RICHARD - Loitering (856.021-3246) or Prowling
ROTELLI, ASSUNTA L - 843.15-3163 Failure to Appear
JENKINS, SHEDRICK O - Heroin-Sell (893.13-3407)
OVERBECK, MARK P - Resist Officer (843.02-3143)
MAYER, JESSICA E - DUI-Unlaw Blood Alch (316.193-6276)
TOCK, RAFAEL H - 322.34-504 Moving Traffic Violation
KNUEPPEL, CASEY ALLEN - Aggravated Battery (784.07-2575) on Officer Firefighter EMT
FREDERICKS, ARTIE - 948.06-3848 Probation Violation
MOLITIERNO, VINCENT JOSEPH - 322.34-7253 Moving Traffic Violation - Knowingly Drive While License Suspended Revoked
JANVIER, DANLEY - Heroin-Possess (893.13-3408)
TORIBIO, JONOTHAN - 903.0471-6405 Condit Release Violation
BRAVOMESA, ROBERLYS BARBARA - Larceny (812.014-4088)
ENGERS, JOANIE - 322.34-7253 Moving Traffic Violation
LOWERY, ANDREW - 901.04-6265 Out-Of-County Warrant
PEREZ, ALAIN - Burglary (810.02-2766) Occupied Dwelling Unarmed
OCONNOR, AMY JO - 901.04-6265   

A Shreveport man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy during an Easter weekend gathering at Hattie Perry Park.

(sam and the pharaohs wolly bully)

Antonious Terrelle Cawthorne, 20, entered the plea to avoid the case going to trial, according to a news release from the Caddo District Attorney's Office.

(terrill road scotch plains is where Evangel church is - they allow/permit speaking in tongues, which in there case is not speaking a foreign language due to the indwelling of a past life spirit of the person's soul. i don't know what it is - witnessed it once.)

(nathaniel hawthorne what books did he write?)

Antonious Cawthorne, 19, of the 2800 block of James Street in Shreveport, has been named a suspect in the shooting death of 13-year-old KeAndre Broadway.

Police were called to Hattie Perry Park in the 4300 block of Ledbetter St. just after 7 p.m. Saturday where they found Broadway, who just turned 13 on Friday, suffering from a gunshot wound to the torso.
(sounds like bed wetter)

"It's just sad. The day before Easter, resurrection day," said Barbara Brown.

A bus carrying Hungarian school students home from a skiing trip to France slammed into a highway barrier in northern Italy and caught fire, killing at least 16 people, police said Saturday. Thirty-nine people survived, though some were seriously injured.
No other vehicles were involved in the crash, and it wasn't clear why the bus hit the overpass support column on the highway near Verona just before midnight, said police commander Girolamo Lacquaniti.
Sixteen badly burned bodies were pulled from the wreckage. Of the 39 survivors, 26 were injured, some seriously, he said.
"One passenger is currently in an induced coma and in life-threatening condition," Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto told reporters in Budapest.
According to Szijjarto, the bus driver lost control of the vehicle, which hit a guard rail and then the overpass support before catching fire. Investigators have found no brake marks at the scene, he said.
RAI state radio said a Slovenian truck driver who was traveling behind the bus had noticed a problem with one of the bus wheels and tried to alert the driver. But the driver didn't react quickly enough, RAI said. The truck driver stayed at the scene trying to help until investigators arrived, RAI said.
In Budapest, a black flag flew from one of the flagpoles above the door of the Szinyei Merse Pal Gimnazium. About 60 students gathered for a vigil outside the school, lighting small candles and laying flowers in memory of the victims.
(someone picks which ones I post here. I skip many that I suspect bc someone says so. This one, the names, numbers, etc are not so obvious). I am not going to state here what I think a "Slovenian truck driver is' but guess who's Slovenian and prominent as of yesterday officially. I could ask also guess who's 'hungry', but it might also point to a Hungarian woman named Marty, which points to another woman somehow connected to her named Marty, who looks exactly like a woman who was found burnt to death in MS in recent years, which was a re-enactment of another crime. Someone is making me use the language 'guess who....', which points to a Laura who is due in March. Not sure why that is relevant here but in hindsight we will know, if it is. Verona, NJ is where I drove on 9/11/01, on a good samaritan magic forced favor of a displaced woman and her infant, that eventually resulted in someone else getting hurt due to magic the next day. That person, who attended the church I mention in the completely unrelated event I pasted above this one, was killed by magic on 2/8/13.  The teens on a group trip is also a recurring magic trend, most or all of which were due to magic, mostly in Europe.
Merse=male purse. The only man I know who carried one is one named Richardson, but this has nothing to do with that man, but rather points to 'son of a Richard'.  The other thing about merse, really spelled murse, is that homeless men and men who need to carry wipes due to medication making them have messy bms carry bags as well.  While we're on this track, this might not have anything to do with a certain Slovenian, because her name happens to be very similar to a nickname of a woman who is or will be 'mother of son of Richard', but not really. It will just appear that way.
Pal points to either a certain CVS cashier, or a certain couple who will be royal baby parents.
Szinyei looks a little like the name of a woman who will also be a royal baby parent, but the yei at the end points to friends of hers (a couple now in CA, where Laura from above lived for a few years) who are not currently slotted to be royal parents.


CONWAY, KELLY ANN - Battery (784.03-2560) Touch or Strike
SUAZO, JOSUE MOISES - 322.03-467 Moving Traffic Violatio
PUCCIO, RICHARD J - Battery (784.03-2560)
LUCKAS, DELPHONE L - Drugs-Possess (893.13-3695)
MEEKISON, MARGARET D - Drug Equip-Possess (893.147-3768)
WALKER, FRANK HENERY - 843.15-3163
FOWLER, JAVON LARNARD - 806.13-5003 Damage Property-Criminal Mischief
BARNETT, DERRICK CAMPBELL - 806.13-2755 Damage Property-Criminal Mischief
HIGGINS, JOSEPH W - Battery (784.07-2573) on Officer Firefighter EMT
CLERVOYANT, RAYLEY - Burglary (810.02-2766)

A reckless Porsche driver plowed over and seriously injured a teenage boy as he walked across a Brooklyn street Sunday night, cops said.

The 14-year-old was in Greenpoint near Greenpoint Avenue and Manhattan Avenue when he was struck by a white Porsche Cayenne driven by Guo Lu, 39, just after 6 p.m., according to police.

“I thought it was a bomb or something,” recalled Abdullah Muhammad, a 23-year-old assistant manager at a nearby check-cashing outlet. “He flew 10 feet in the air.”

After striking the teen, the Porsche careened into a pole at the entrance of Muhammad’s business, he said.

The boy was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he remained in serious condition. Cops said his injuries were serious, but not life-threatening.

A woman and two men were present at the scene by the crashed vehicle, but their role in the accident was not immediately known. Cops later arrested Lu and charged him with reckless endangerment.

It was unclear if he was speeding at the time of the incident or whether the teen was in a crosswalk.
Greenpoint - who was wearing green on Sunday? Green=many things, it is someone's last name ie Tiffani, who=Eric sometimes bc his wife's name is Stephanie, Eric imitated Janie with a similar car backing up maneuver- his was about backing a car into a spot, hers was about backing up at a stop sign for no particular reason except to point in the direction the car was going while in reverse, as if to indicate to the watcher to go that way.
someone made a POINT in what they said

Porsche=Jim Brown (saw him get into it at Barnes and Noble in Legacy Place/Palm Beach Gardens after he programmed the people in the store).

Cayenne=spice=Melanie (spice girls)=counselor=me (or Melanie W, who had relations with JB)

Guo? Gigi-understand-oh? (Janie don't do that) how does one pronounce guo?
Lu=Lieu/instead of=me=hidden lamb

Abdullah=Paula Abdul songs such as Opposites Attract

Jonathan Murphy, 42, was identified as the good Samaritan who was shot and killed after intervening during a shooting at a mall in San Antonio, Texas, according to the Bexar County Medical Examiner's office.
Murphy was the only person killed in the Sunday afternoon incident.
The shooting at the Rolling Oaks Mall began as an attempted robbery by two suspects at the mall's Kay Jewelers store, the San Antonio Police Department said. 

Murphy tried to intervene and was shot and killed by one of the suspects, police said.
Another citizen then intervened and shot the suspect who shot Murphy, police said. 
The second suspect ran through mall, shooting additional victims, police said.
Two other people were shot and suffered non-life-threatening wounds, police said. 
The injured suspect, whose name was not released by the police, was hospitalized in critical condition, police said.
The second suspect, identified by police as 34-year-old Jason Matthew Prieto, who police said fled after the shootings, was later caught and taken into custody.
Both suspects are facing one capital murder charge and two counts of aggravated robbery, police said.

I saw this yesterday and then was compelled to add Yvette Prietro Jordan to the blessed bambino list. That is just how it works: Sometimes, I see a news item, usually gruesome, and something makes me see it as an indicator/announcement/toot of a news/prophecy. We'll find out later if it comes true. Magic made me research that 'hood for a long time: floor plans, homes for sale, I even went on a tour with an agent, all for nothing, because no one every had any intentions of moving me there or buying me a home there. I even made a spreadsheet of the 'hood searching PBC tax collector db for estate names, taxes, etc., as a robot, for nothing, or as a slave chore for someone else. As I was trekking around PB in 2013, magic made me be perfectly timed to show up at her church on her wedding day just as she or her maids of honor arrived: I was walking down the street, unsuspecting, and there was a crowd in a vacant lot across the street, corralled in with police horses, cops everywhere. I was just a ped so I just walked down the sidewalk. I paused for a moment because a limo pulled up across the street, and I thought the people in the coral would get mad at me because they had cameras and I was in their way, but then a huge long truck pulled up and got stuck at a perfectly timed red light, blocking our view of the limo's exiting passengers, which is some sort of black ops service - to provide privacy and security to some clients, or it was just a magic game that I was perfectly timed for. Security guards also used large white parasols to block line of site of the limo passengers. Same church as Melania. Someone once made me spend a lot of time at that church's courtyard and gardens, eyeing photo op views/angles, for nothing.       

Every Kiss Begins with K (k means 'I want to kill you' in this cult). I don't remember what year it was but I asked to try on a 2 carat ring at a corner jewelry store at the Gardens Mall. Could have been this or Zales. They don't carry large diamonds probably for security's sake but I wanted to see what a larger rock looked like on my finger and was disappointed. I don't recall their largest sample, probably slightly over 1 carat. That might have been the same day I discovered that I was no longer 5.5 but rather 6. I don't know if it was magic or other swelling or old age, but I never heard of someone's ring size growing although my mother could not take her ring off but I attributed that to a joint problem and I don't have her finger genes. I am going to get a ring that symbolizes my new or existing job/role, and I think someone just told me (key word 'other' = JI) that I am going to get fitted in my new home so that when I arrive at the jewelry store (not one in the mall) it should fit.  

I have known 2 Jonathans - the one known as Jon I won't count. I doubt it's a reference to a local residential neighborhood. The first, from HS, is never mentioned or referenced. The second was the husband of a woman who as a robot threw me a double surprise party that magic made me somewhat sabotage the second surprise of. More importantly perhaps is that in '14 I was told that Cox, using magic on someone else, very brutally killed this man's grandmother in Knoxville years earlier.  Magic made me stop in that town overnight once and the old cashier did not like me because I was not southern.

But regarding Bexar County, remove the x and you get Bear, which is the name of the neighborhood of Prietro. San Antonio is a recurring theme for at least 3 reasons.    Bear also = CIA (mamma bear protecting country or whatever), So bear's club=CIA or illuminated people. 

Regarding Jason Matthew, I won't say what Jason means here but it used to point to Mike Informant Man and could also point to Richard or a specific usually male behavior. Matthew points to England or UK and perhaps a loo in someone's home, but it could also point to Mike Informant Man - I met Mike 2x, and he looks like the character Matt in the movie 13 Going on 30.  And loo sometimes refers to a home that is part of a deal, you're in=urine. I am allegedly getting a home in London that is an apology but no one is going to talk about the incident. Magic made this person buy me the place but he could afford it. 

I know a Murphy who married a Greek named Mary Ann. Murphy was a name I like for a dog. I might receive a pregnant dog as a gift while in London.

I don't think I am getting engaged in London, but was 'told' that London would be the place where I would first publicly show PDA with some man I have not even met yet, that is photographed and published by the press. That song "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" first pointed to Carol, John's sister, then it pointed to Mike Informant Man perhaps because he knew that my new money (that 7 years later I still have not received nor have any evidence of) was being used to pay him to be in charge of my security but I never hired him, and now the song could point to a different person I haven't met yet but am constantly referring to.

Rolling Oaks?
Oaks points to Live Oak Psychological Associates and various neighborhoods. I long-term house sat for someone on a 3 word road that included the word Oaks.  Rolling could point to the Stones, a street in London associated with the Stones, or someone's role in something. 

Whatever my interpretation vs the thoughts of the magician, I am 100% certain this a was magic mind control event.

1/23/17 4 PM

An actor was killed Monday while filming a scene featuring several guns for an Australian band's music video, police said.
The man died at a bar in the Queensland city of Brisbane while filming the video by hip hop group Bliss n Eso. Members of the band were not on the set at the time, the group's management said in a statement.
During the scene, several actors fired their guns and the actor somehow received wounds to his chest, Queensland Police Detective Inspector Tom Armitt said. No one else was injured.
It was not immediately clear whether the guns were loaded with live ammunition or blanks, Armitt said. Blank cartridges can still cause injuries if fired at close range.
"I can't tell you whether they are live or real firearms," Armitt told reporters. "I can't tell you the type of ammunition that were being used. That will be a subject of the investigation."
Police did not release the actor's name.

The death of the Gold Coast actor Johann Ofner while filming a music video for Australian hip-hop group Bliss N Eso has prompted tributes from grieving friends...

A man in his 20s has died after being shot in the chest on a film set at Eagle Lane in the Brisbane CBD, according to police...

Bliss n Eso
Bliss n Eso are an Australian hip hop band based in Sydney, and were originally known as Bliss n' Esoterikizm for their debut EP The Arrival.[1] Bliss n Eso are currently signed to Melbourne record label Illusive Sounds, and are managed and booked by label co-founders Adam Jankie and Matt Gudinski. Bliss n Eso have released five studio albums which include two number 1 debuts on the ARIA Charts. They have also won an ARIA Award for Best Urban Release for their 2008 album Flying Colours. One of the members, Eso, released a single entitled "Sunny Days".

The trio consists of American MC Bliss (Jonathan Notley), Australian MC Eso (Max MacKinnon), and DJ Izm (Tarik Ejjamai) who is Arab, of Moroccan heritage. The three have been friends (and have rapped together) since they were in high school.[2] Notley moved to Australia in 1992 when he was thirteen and met MacKinnon at the Glenaeon Steiner School in Sydney.

REYES, YANIEL - 843.15-3162 Failure to Appear,
MARANO, WALTER JUNIOR - Battery (784.03-2560)
ENGLE, DAVID A - Trespassing (810.09-2773)
CALIZAIRE, PRINCESS - 843.15-3162 Failure to Appear
JACKSON, WALTORIAN T - Resist Officer (843.02-3143)
GRANT, JOHN LEE - Fraud-Swindle (509.151-1788) Defraud Innkeeper Under 300 Dollars, 
GORMAN, GREGORY D - Burglary (810.02-2762) with Assault or Battery
SCARBRO, ZAIDA A - Battery (784.03-2560)